“Disturbances mark our entire life, whichever way you look at it. The most important thing is to disturb life itself without letting it fall to pieces” (Rugero, 91).

I find this quote intriguing, for in the Translators Notes at the end of Roland Rugero’s novel, Utopia, it provides a bit of post colonialism history. The way in which marginalized minority groups have had to fight and demonstrate for their power and for their voice. Being that, it is something of which we too are fighting for this day.

The quote provides parallelism – at least for me, the way in which set ideals and even legislation, are meant to be challenged. For most of colonialism history shows ways in which Whites have set themselves as the patriarchy, as the saviors, as the ones who wield power. They established a system of oppression and created mass genocides upon populations of people, further demonstrating their power, and their ability to do as they please.

The ways in which they have established systems is through forced oppression, by instituting their own form of government and capital punishment. For the people in this book too – use the death sentence, but in their case they use it for cases of rape. Trying to find ways to justify the actions taken out against women, while as in the U.S. we justify rape and console the attackers – rather than the victims themselves. For the death penalty and incarceration is saved for those of ethnic and racial background, they justify it by containing them in areas of imprisonment and continue doing so by taking away their basic right of suffrage. We have no true system of justice, for the government justifies their actions against minorities for the sake of Whites, to ensure their majority and consolidate their power within.

When minorities try to change the system, those who do not agree with their beliefs or viewpoints are disturbed, for they do not understand the true severity. Rather they live in a world that is made for them, rather than having to fight a world that tries to segregate them. We wish to change the ways in which government acts upon us, to change the way in which other groups are marginalized, for we know the difference of oppression and privilege. It is a privilege to go to school to educate oneself, but it is a right to vote. See the difference?

For the disturbance that they feel  is because we are trying to change the dynamics of the system, we wish to challenge it, and because of that, they are disturbed and no longer see our perspective because it would no longer work to benefit or aid them. This is the reason why I chose this picture that I found from an article on the Odessy, for it demonstrates that a change in the system will work to create a more even field for all. That it will aid all, but instead of that – some people do not the need, or rather see problems within our own government. For they are the ones on the receiving end of white privilege, but let it be known – our voices will go heard for the millions, our hearts will never stop beating for the sake of the cause, and we will never stop trying to fight for our justice that we so need and finally deserve.

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