Translation As A Whole

In the novel Baho! written by Roland Rugero, there is a trend shared throughout this novel is that is called “belly politics”. Belly politics are basically something that is expressed heavily throughout this novel that in a simple assumption can mean the people in this civilization are very objective.

People in this civilization are often objectified at birth and whatever happens when they are born will reflect the life they end up living. Throughout this poverty filled area throughout Africa. This group or mob mentality throughout the novel really made me think about the different perspectives to think from. People are able to achieve things as long as they work together regardless if it is for better or worse. Throughtout his course we have seen many different ways of translation. Translation really is one of the most difficult thinks to achieve.

All of the true beauty and meaning of the original language ca truely never be captured and translated properly. Its still amazes me that these translators are able to achieve the things they do. The ability for these authors to capture these languages as close to the original as possible is truely outstanding. Every author is different and has there own unique way of translation and capturing the beauty of the origial language. These authors and this class made me really appreciate the hard work and dedication that is related to translation. Everyone has there own translation of that someone is saying but it is up to these authors to be able to translate these texts as close to the original as possible. Throughout the classroom meetings, i really got a sense of translation as a whole and really got a bigger understanding of what the true meaning of translation is. Overall this class has shown me a lot about how to understand the true meaning of the translation that the author was trying to convey.


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