Paradise? Or prison?

Whoever said, “too much of a good thing is bad” was probably right.

In a post-petrolicious world, where savagery, and survival of the fittest reign, Ahmed Khaled Towfik’s gruesome and vivid novel, “Utopia” intwines on the mind and does not let go.

The novel itself switches between two narratives.  The first narrator is a teenage boy who lives in the privileged and protected society.  The second, “the other” lives in a society outside this “Utopia”, left outside looking in.

In the first several chapter the narrator discusses the life he and others like him lead.  Judging by the way the narrator is described the world he lived, where he can have sex with any one he wants, takes drugs, eats, sleeps and repeats and not have to worry about anything sounded like a pretty good life to live.  However, the tone in which the narrator spoke when he described his society comes off as bored, or unappreciative of the luxuries he had in his disposal.

Egypt is known for their culture and traditions, yet the way the narrator described Utopia seems that this futuristic Egyptian society has thrown all that in the trash for the youth of Utopia have little to no regards towards authority.

Utopia is a paradise where crimes go unpunished, and morals and respect get put on the back burner.  But what happens when those walls of the perfect world come tumbling down?  Chaos.

Utopia’s way of life is a disease,  The idea of this false sense of security poisons the mind, causing the youth of Utopia to retrograde to a prehistoric life style of savagery and primal instincts.  A Utopia where the youth are so drugged up that only death interests them.  Yes, the narrator painted a perfect culture, a society where the woes and worries of the world can not reach, and yet, the yet narrator had not found solace.

Theoretically, this “Utopia” is not a paradise, it is a prison, a prison that keeps it’s citizens drugged, fed, happy, and entertained so they don’t see what the government is doing behind closed doors. A Utopia where it’s citizens are shrouded from the truth.

Sound familiar?



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