A Country of Unknown Stories


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Growing up I heard how I have choices in my life, I could grow up and become anything I want to. I could be a doctor, an astronaut, or president of the U.S, heck the confidence my parents gave I thought I could be king of the world. Maybe not that. However, I did have and still have choices I could make about my life. I was blessed with having these opportunities because of where I was born. Not everyone’s life is this great, they can’t have these opportunities, they didn’t decide on where they were born. They do decide on taking their lives in control and go to a place they believe will give them the freedom they need to have these opportunities. These are the people we see every day, they were not born in this country but they want to be here just as much as anyone. We see in the novel Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera, translated by Lisa Dillman, a young female, Makina, having to cross the boarder in order to have a better life in the U.S.

“Everything in the world fell silent finally said to herself I’m ready” pg 107

This is a quote that Makina said. She gave up her whole life, gave up everything she knew to be here in the U.S, this is a place she didn’t even like; this is something that people do every day. I could never imagine just leaving my family and everything I ever knew to go to a totally new place. Makina did not know she was staying her mother made her stay so she could have a better life. This happens to more people than we think. Some people are considered immigrants but they don’t know any Spanish, they lived here their whole live, this is their home. Their parents like mine, wanted them to have choices of their own. We do not respect immigrant; our own president thinks they are just rapist. They fought harder than we did to be in this country. This novel creates a higher respect for immigrants, for what they go through, some don’t even want to be here but they want a better life. They want their own choices.


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