Jesus Christ: A Self Reflection to this Semester


Over the course of this class I’ve managed to learn a lot about translation and managed to succeed in this class with about 90% at the moment. Where’s the other 10%? At the moment I’m typing this I still yet to work on my 2nd paper and when that happens I can safely say that I’ve managed to accomplish about 100% of this class.

Before I took this class I watched and read foreign films and books without ever taking in any consideration of the translation. Then again could be I just want to watch or read not analyze analyze analyze because I already got enough of that in school. Now I know that translation isn’t just about interpreting one language to another rather it’s more about creating or recreating what was originally written by the author. Although many try to do this it will not remain the same as time passes with each new translation having  its own interpretation to the original text.

How do I feel about myself in this class? I feel as I did very well here in this class worked on all of the blog posts and pay a lot of attention to the courses. Basically I fought on til the very, well not technically the end but near the end since class isn’t over until all assignments are all done for and I make something for myself. the only bumpy moments were the times that I needed to speak to the class about my blog post because I really did seem to stutter. Reason could be that I haven’t given a presentation or talked in front of a class in a very long time or maybe it could be of the fear of being chewed out by the professor so for the next time I need to do something like this I’m gonna have to breath in and exhale.


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