The Unwinding

The mediation of the justices system becomes a momentum that we can hide but the modern state erupts with the violence regarding the belly politics. In the concepts of  Literature, identifying themes in which the connection of the mobs relates towards the political system. Giving them power from the relation of the past towards the future of humanity. Since the innocence of humanity can be great, but in the novel those in power become the mayhem giving us a false prophets.


In the novel Baho! written by Roland Rugero, illustrates the hidden aspects of the immortal government system by the muteness of Nyamuragi. Displaying the emotions, “The world is a complicated, crazy, and dangerous place.. swearing by all the devil and all the gods in a language”(16). Being silent resembles the corruption of today’s society with the complication of self- identity.

We intrude the knowledge from the current events that happen to avoid the reality conforming “Belly Politics”. It comes to a correlation with the system that is occupying the our country by the officials bribing the borders. All in all, the ones in power given to the leaders can be taken unethical.

“Corruption is the single biggest threat to Africa’s Growth”

-Ali Mufuruki

In the end, my knowledge in the translation with the attention of the government system brutality isolating the reality. With the author’s words being authentic to deliver the impactful message towards its audience. The connection that were made by Roland give me a different illusion on how the concepts of literacy can be  identified through realism.



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