Women are NOT Property


In the novel, Baho! by Ronald Rugero, a young deaf man is accused of raping a young woman, when in reality he was only trying to get directions.

In today’s society, there have been many sexual assault accusations.  Many of which, if not all, are true. These men apologize for their wrong doing, but only because they were caught. If they were not caught, would they have said sorry? Most likely not. Even with apologies, this does not excuse their actions.


A main theme in Baho! is gender relations. There is a power struggle occurring in Kanya, a village in Burundi, where women are objectified. The men in court feel as though they must protect their gender and take it upon themselves to find the deaf boy guilty. “Let’s go, men! We must defend ourselves!” (Rugero 26). By saying this, the five judges think they can rid themselves of the sexist and degrading actions they place on the women in the village. Here, proves the sexist system laid in the novel. It’s like our society where sexual assaulters apologize and POOF all is forgiven.

However, this isn’t how it should be. Women are NOT property. Men should not be be able to justify what they’ve done through a forced apology. Or, in means of the story, thinking they are doing the right thing by finding the deaf boy guilty as if it will save the reputation and pride of men. The men in Baho! disregard the victim to save the male species. A noticeable theme seen in today’s society.


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