An Uninhabitable Lifestyle

Tram 83, a novel written showcasing post African colonialism and its adverse affects on the people of the Congo (DRC). For the way in which post colonialism has affected their lifestyles, is adverse. For the people have lost so much, and are nearly losing their sanity to the world of which they live in.

Fiston Mwanza Mujila makes it clear to the readers, through the use of his imagery showcasing Tram 83 as an ‘unfinished metal structure’ of which, represents a destination unreachable, and population deteriorable. Through the literary usage of illustrating the belly, meaning the hunger that these people who live in the DRC are experiencing – meaning their hunger for food, for freedom, and for a voice. While using politics to showcase African politics in regard to corruption within the state itself. Through this usage it shows the ways in which the population are forced to live their everyday lives in a land that only does them harm.

For there is these sense of complex imagery that the author uses, such as showing how the people have freedom, which is why they are able to do as they please, but are enslaved in poverty. Having to do whatever to survive and live in a world uninhabitable for them. It presents this notion of a darker and an unsafe world, of which the people do not deserve to live in.

Repeatedly throughout the novel, the question “do you have the time?” is constantly being asked. Whether it be through the main characters or bystanders on the street, it is continuously being asked and reiterated. For it has deeper meaning, implying if anyone has the time to fix the mess that has created and taken over the land of which they live in.

Mujila illustrates how colonialism  “shifted from one cold room to another, from one country to another, from one continent to another before winding up in the grubby bar-restaurant-brothels of the City-State” (161-162).  This quote shows the way in which the adverse affects of colonialism and its history has affected the people, and how now it stays with them. For it is a part of them, of which they wish to resist and fight out of them.


I chose this quote because I feel as though it has much truth to it, for everything derives from something.


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