Meeting the standards of a human

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The novel Utopia is constructed of having two different sides of the world one good and one bad. On each side lies to different communities filled all with the same thing just different aspect, it’s all filled with people. In this book, it is using a lot of words to set a feel of dehumanization among all of the people of the “outside”. Making these people sound like a waste of space or animals scavaging through life one drink or drug at a time. these people are in bad shape but for reasons behind the story. isolation from the real world has taken a toll on these people and made their appearances not so great but something that was out of there control yet still are given a title of an animal or nonhuman like figure.

“they pretend their eating meat, and pretend that they’re drinking alcohol, and of course they pretend they’re drunk and have forgotten their problems. they pretend they have the right to err and sin. They pretend to be human.” (37)

Made me think of society today and what we consider human. Every living person on this earth has a right to be called human, we breathe, we walk, we eat, we laugh, we love and we all have the same beating heart as everyone else does in this world. HUMANS ARE HUMANS!!! They keep saying over and over throughout the novel how much people aren’t human but what makes a person human? we are all living breath creature fending in the f*&%$ up world around us.

“looking for bits of food thrown in the rubbish heaps. Then they’ll die of tuberculosis one day and they’ll find them beside the wall. That’s their lives” (pg. 92).

In our world today I see it similar to Utopia by society looking at homeless people the same way. just because homeless people don’t have homes and don’t have food or nice clothing we look down on them as if they don’t mean anything, I have witnessed people physically hurting homeless people for no reason just because they feel like they don’t mean anything. Homeless people live on the streets get dirty possibly do drugs or drink and are treated so badly for something they might not even control. homeless people are humans just like us. the ” outsiders” were humans just like the “utopians”. Makes me think what if the wall around Utopia was broken down and the world was put together giving the Outsiders the opportunity to show how “animal like they really are”.

Just because you drive your nice car, have a nice warm bed to sleep in, eat daily meals and can say that you have enough money to support yourself doesn’t give you the right to sit and dehumanize the people who don’t.

Image result for Homeless person smiling

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