Corruption In Africa.

It is of no surprise that governments from various countries in the world have some form of corruption. Tram 83 sheds light on how corrupt the political and justice environment environment is in Africa. Bribery for example are as common as everyday business transactions where policemen can be bought and so do politicians for the lobbyist’s and briber’s personal interests.


A report from has an estimate of over 75 million  paying bribes in some shape or form.  Many of these bribes are used to avoid punishments from crimes despite how heinous they could be. Unfortunately it may seem like in countries like South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria are like the Wild West where corruption is a daily normal thing. The poorest of the population are the ones that suffer because they have to pay bribes for public services that are needed to improve their daily lives.

The silver lining of this dumpster fire of a situation is that there is hope for change. Countries like Botswana, Burkina Faso, Lesotho and Senegal has shown positive signs of anticorruption. There has been initiates where the public have been seeking efforts to help whistleblowers be protected from retaliation and improve how effective reporting corruption could be.

In a society where violence is the norm, it is important that the most vulnerable demographic of the African continent are safe. The government would have to change from within itself in order to have positive outcomes and provide a better future for future generations. Any country in Africa has the potential for change and it would be a shame that their own people would be the cause of their own demise. The continent won’t change overnight but if initiatives can be made today, a better tomorrow could be possible.


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