Forever a Women or Forever an Object?

Women have always been just objects to men. Women are adored for their bodies and idolized from sex. But, has anyone ever thought there is more to a women than just their body?

Obviously, some men do not think in this way but, then again some do. Two novels come to mind when thinking of the mistreatment of women, Baho! and Tram 83. But, what do these novels have in common other than the mistreatment of women? A male dominated society.


In Baho!, women are stared at, raped, flirted with and many other actions that can make a women feel as if they do not matter or if they are nothing better than just a body. Men in the novel honestly just do not care, they pretend to care. But, that is most likely the extent to which they will be “caring” for  women.

In Tram 83 most women are prostitutes. The common saying “Do you have the time?” is something that almost every women uses to get the attention of a man. Tram 83 is also in a male dominated society.

These two novels have a lot of similarities in women being lesser than men. In my opinion both of these novels being that way play an important part in learning why women are treated like this. There is the obvious that some men feel they are superior to women. But also the fact that men think that all a women has to offer is their body. In Tram 83 that is very apparent when these women are walking around basically asking for attention and getting denied by some.

humanWomen may always be just objects but, maybe they won’t. It depends on the person and their views of this situation. As far as the novels their opinions are very straight forward. The mistreatment of women is a huge problem in western culture, and around the world.



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