The Unwinding

The mediation of the justices system becomes a momentum that we can hide but the modern state erupts with the violence regarding the belly politics. In the concepts of  Literature, identifying themes in which the connection of the mobs relates towards the political system. Giving them power from the relation of the past towards the future of humanity. Since the innocence of humanity can be great, but in the novel those in power become the mayhem giving us a false prophets.


In the novel Baho! written by Roland Rugero, illustrates the hidden aspects of the immortal government system by the muteness of Nyamuragi. Displaying the emotions, “The world is a complicated, crazy, and dangerous place.. swearing by all the devil and all the gods in a language”(16). Being silent resembles the corruption of today’s society with the complication of self- identity.

We intrude the knowledge from the current events that happen to avoid the reality conforming “Belly Politics”. It comes to a correlation with the system that is occupying the our country by the officials bribing the borders. All in all, the ones in power given to the leaders can be taken unethical.

“Corruption is the single biggest threat to Africa’s Growth”

-Ali Mufuruki

In the end, my knowledge in the translation with the attention of the government system brutality isolating the reality. With the author’s words being authentic to deliver the impactful message towards its audience. The connection that were made by Roland give me a different illusion on how the concepts of literacy can be  identified through realism.



“Broken Humanity”

In the context of understanding the levels of humanity, we turn to a role model that has displayed the dehumanization of women. The effects of silencing themselves behind their character but when reality strikes without a silence who are we to blame? Even though, the Power/Fame is ruled to be “earned”, the power strives to inject itself to the psychological wisdom. Lastly, language is the broken barrier that conducts the mute until the action is enhanced.

“What is already is; you must disregard it and continue your life in peace”(56).


The novel Baho! written by Roland Rugero, translated by Christopher Schaefer,  gives us the ideology of the main character Nyamuragi that has developed the stigma of being mute. In addition, with the tug of eruption on sexual assault the trilogy started by the girl conduction the use of the bathroom. Leading with an assumption of the town, Burundi, establishing the broken justices system. The commodity has it’s inflation in how the social atmosphere.

“But while Running he remembers… He cannot speak!”(16). In the silence of running faster than Forest Gump, not knowing the practices of breathing, knowing that the world can be held to a stop. In the fear of loneliness, relates to our society today in which the female opens to the public, the accuser remains in silence. It’s the connection with language that only the person knows the process the will to act. After the dehumanization, the value turns into the emotions that conduct the separation afro-pessimism.

The imagery that is created towards this novel, illustrates the humanity of Nyamuragi. “Swearing by all the devils and the gods in a language that he alone understood”(16). The complexity that women were not just objects but humans. In the novel, the author persuade the imagery to be conduct in the formation of how the “Rape Culture” is being a norm in the humanity of Africa. The community question the act of a legal process that would enlighten a mens dream in a way of respect, but the enemy of justice would lie to the corruption of the act.



the drc

Developing the ideology of the African culture into the Western colonization it resemble the effects of human deterioration. In context, emptiness is identified in today’s society with the values of different ethnicities being separated of humanity. The Corruption that has been idealized by the government system to develop the powerless City-State to question the the value of density.


In the novel, Tram 83 written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, we analyze the social value of morality that pursues the imagery of ownership in the colonization. Tram 83 conducts the diction of the racialized system of identification creating the City- State to consider the struggle of humanity a norm. However, “Foreplay is like a democracy, as far as i’m concerned”(Mujila 147). Mujial connects the phrases like an economic structure resulting in a cycle that does not stay consistent. The novel illustrates the power of the general valuing the humanity of those in charge, but those in need became devalued without the hesitation. In addition, the population of the City- State empowered themselves to a struggle consider to be the “JUNGLE”.

Considering the City- State have the implications of mining,  it illustrates the  demographic of the population that have considered it a norm. In the novel it states, “born in minies and the trains, you shall spend your whole existence swearing about the quarries”, (Mujila, 181). They have established the imagery that general has given the power to conduct the madness in mining in a routine.  The humanity of the City- State is the puppet of the those in power because the imagery it develops a demanding form. For example, it the relation of the government system “you shall” getting the demeanor of a moral element. In addition, the concept of incorporating biblical verse in the novel, considering that the good is bad and the bad is good.

Even though the corruption of the government system has developed the norm of a proceeding end towards humanity, it is important to understand the element of density. The meaning of destiny, the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. The aspect of humanity in Tram 83 can be questioned, but in reality the dehumanization is represented in our society.   


“The Future”


The desire of commitment to explore the “other side” comes with life decisions, achieving the gates of opportunities or the dusted land of many wishes. In the novel Signs Preceding the End of the World written by Yuri  Herrera, gives the independence of a Hispanic women guiding herself through the trials of many dreamers.

The border does not stop anyone from crossing over. Makina was forced to tackle the journey of delivering the strong message to her brother, which his name is never mention. With one step in the gates of opportunities, as the Makina entered, she knew the toughness of her attitude will seek her out of sex, drugs, etc. from the conditions of hell. The notation of the border is the excitement of the novel in which provides the irony of the character

The novel does not give us the traditional traits that a Hispanic women would carry power and fearless. Furthermore, the ideology that reassemblies the Hispanic culture trait is that women are meant to present themselves with respect towards others. But Makina does the complete opposite with many unsettled conquest that she gained from the “border town lifestyle”. The tone of Makina, “the only thing that hand’s going to be good for is wiping ass”(ch:2). It creates the reader to think and familiarize the culture on how the border towns create a different rebirth of the traditional hispanic culture.

The brutal interpretation of crossing the border is not as easy what people think. “Suddenly the world turned cold and green and filled with invisible water monsters dragging her away from the rubber raft”(ch:2). The imaginary that the novel presents to us is real life situation, the toxic danger of many migrant risking their lives to reach the “Norte” (a term that many hispanic describe America as). The monster follows many migrant worker, the process of still enduring intense activities with the labor force.

In today’s society, the media is the reputation that creates the image for each individual considering their culture. The stories continue to expand with the corruptions of the Mexican government. It creates mechanisms for many people to cross the border to follow what the United States is know for, the land of opportunities. But in reality, our culture is are identity of ourselves or will the media be the future within ourselves?




The Con of Two Worlds

Its the separation of the “WALL” as Trump illustrates the majority of the time, that the luxury life is ruled by Utopians and “survival of the fittest”, gliding just for a grasp of release is considered to be the “Others”. The novel Utopia written by Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, translated by Chip Rossetti, that create many questions about humanity and animalistic behavior. We may analyze and create questions about the narrator deception on humanity.

Segregation of Wealth in the society of Utopia has it endless regulation. In the text it embraces the system of the colonie, “wealth and piety go together has seemingly been carved into the brain”( 12). The social and economic system that give the Utopians access to the values by the U.S. marines having them isolated. When they receive their necessity, a feel of comfort is met. In addition, for the “others” their society is fighting to gain control on a value that they dream to conquer. It’s the boundaries of power  that make the Utopian separate them-self from the poor. The mind controls them to block out the the lower social classes and imagine the world is at peace.


In the society of the “other” social class, Gaber, had the intention to explore life and create a meaning of life even if the scraps become the best resource. The description animalistic was given to him by the Utopia, “he walked like a human being and talked like human being”(97). Utopia ideology of the poor was like a burden to create the separation by class and introduce survival of the fittest. Poverty was a norm in the lower class with all the wealth being controlled and those in control consider to dehumanize Gaber. Creating a negative into a good with the scarps that were given by Utopia Gaber and Germinal were chasing a dream to feel Life. The logic of A dollar and a dream, giving faith.

The needs can be reached in both aspects of the world. If soon both society have the survival of the fittest on their edge which social community would have the advantage? Death, would it still be considered to be a game for the Utopians?