Makina Breaks Border’s

When America is looked at by other countries, what is the first thing you think they think of. High class society, privileged citizens, no sickness, war and death. These things are some of the things we take for granted. In the Yuri Herrera novel Signs Proceeding to the End of the World we are given the viewpoint from an immigrant named Makina.


Makina is a young women that in my point of view is kind of badass tomboy. From a small run down silver mining town, she is faced not only with the feet of not only crossing a border but also the gender border being that she is a female. She doesn’t let anyone talk to her disrespectfully or touch her in any way, shape or form. At one point a man decided to touch her and she nearly breaks his fingers telling him to never do it again. When she crosses to find her brother, you would think that she would have this amazing guide but she is given this fat sweaty coyote. She gets chased by border patrol and is left in the US with no sense of direction or where she has to go. After finding her brother and delivering the note, she is amazed by the anger and rage brought from the US people.

Throughout the novel, Makina shows outstanding acts of courage and sheer determination. Borders can be used in very creative ways represented by geographical  and stereotype borders. Both of which Makina breaks down throughout the context of the novel.


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