Human or Humane?

Ahmed Khaled Towtif’s novel Utopia portrays two vastly different societies. There is a divide among society where there is a small percentage living in the “Utopia”, while the other vast majority of the population “Others” live in the outer parts. As you could imagine, the outer parts of the Utopian society is a scattered wasteland. Most of the society is filled with tattoos, piercings, sex, drugs, hair dying and body modifying. Violence was unprecedented in the others society. Things like murder, rape and doing drugs was an everyday regular thing that would often be seen on the streets. Throughout the novel, he refers to the others as a kind of animal and are running around, doing as they please causing mayhem.

The novel has a very animalistic vibe to it. Often times referring to the actions of common animals but using them in context referring to humans. The poor are more savage animals that are somewhat sought after in the Utopian society as a trophy. The rich are also still referred to animals but more of a king of the jungle way making them still superior in the society. The idea of death is thrown around and often romanticized throughout the novel in both the Utopian society as well as within the Others. The others are known to be savage, heartless beasts so having Gaber ,one of the main character decided to leave the Utopian society, shows us that not all of the others are the same. He displays is desires to have hopes, dreams and to fall in love one day.

Being that he was imagining this type of society in 2023, only 6 years from now, Towtif is trying to show us the consequences if we do not show empathy for our fellow human species. Will the divide among social classes ever reach this extent? Is Towtif foreshadowing something that could come in the near future in our society?


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