Utopia, The haves and have nots

Utopia is a science fiction novel written by Ahmed Khaled Tower. This novel takes place in a Egyptian society in the year 2023. Although, this book is written on what the near future might look like, after reading a few chapters, I am convinced that our society isn’t that much different than the society portrayed in Utopia. Within the first few paragraphs of this novel we get a clear image of the “haves” and “have nots” in this society.

Utopia has two narrators, the first narrator, Alaa, is a privileged boy who is clearly part of the “haves” of this society and seems to be a narcissist in my opinion and the second narrator, Gaber, lives on “the other side”, the underprivileged side who suffer from many hardships.

In Utopia pg.20 Alaa states. “ … foolishness reminds you of the others…we are bigger and superior to all of that..”. This statement made by Alaa clearly shows the division between the “Haves” and “Have nots”. Alaa a Utopia civilian, believes that him and his people are much greater and superior than “the others”. Does this remind you of our society now? Some people believing that they are better than others? Ahamed made this book as a vision of the future, however, if we really analyze the issues being portrayed in this novel and relate it to our society we might just be sharing some of the same issues.

On page 66, the second narrator Gerber states, “ by age 9 any child has seen everything and been very hungry, and often has been raped 3 or 4 times…”. This statement made by Gerber indicates to us that “the others” are clearly the have nots of this society and are experiencing a multitude of hardships in their society.

HUNGER and RAPE happening in the society of the have nots… think about your society do you see the have nots going through hardships such as hunger and rape ? If so, Ahmed’s Utopia vision of the future might just be happening a few years earlier than expected…


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