Societal Roles

How is it that gender roles exist? From one place to the other, very similar ideas are placed on the characters of men and women through all sorts of varying societies. In the book, Baho! by Roland Rugero is able to identify a whole slew of issues that exist within societies of today. One of those that he is able to highlight is how women are seen. In this book, these women are seen as objects, things that men can control, when really there are quite a few more aspects that Rugero is trying to help his readers to see. With Roland Rugero’s idea of how the woman is portrayed it is as if the walls are closing in on her and the sorts of opportunities that she should be able to seize, yet is unable to. 

Even more than this, it is only the woman who is capable of disappointing the man. When a young woman is confused with the sort of messages that a man gives her, she is scarred by the message that she thinks he is delivering. It is the women of the village who come to comfort her. 

It is the women who truly do understand the sort of pain that this girl, Kigeme is going through. As the book is able to demonstrate, Kigeme is not the only woman who has felt lost in the world of men. As one woman is detailed within the writing,

“The local women have come to comfort Kigeme. Her mother came running to aid her child. She took little Ki- geme in her arms and clasped the girl against her breast for a long, long time. Breathless. Madly biological. Mother. She murmured calming words to Kigeme, even if she her- self was beset by the greatest of apprehensions. Kigeme’s maternal aunt herded the two entwined women back to- wards their home” (pg. 23).
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I find it interesting how all of the men are going to the Father of Kigeme and expressing their condolences for him. Of course to him, he doesn’t get as much bang for his buck out of his daughter at this point. For the fact that she will no appear as innocent, or as holy in a sense as if she were to be with a man being untouched by another.


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