The more freedom, the more incidents

Most teenagers seek fun and freedom. Our parents restrict our freedom to try to keep us safe and grow up with certain values and education.

In real life, you are considered a teenager up to the age of 18, then you are considered an adult. In the novel Utopia, the author Ahmed Khaled Towfik makes a world named Utopia in where people of 16 years of age can do whatever they please as long as they don’t disrupt the property of Utopia’s residents. The residents of Utopia are rich, they don’t know what poverty and suffering is; created on the North coast that keeps poverty out.

The narrator describes Utopia as a boring place and due to that, they seek adrenaline, excitement and danger. According to the narrator, “In Utopia, where death retreats behind wires and becomes nothing but a game that adolescents dream of…” (6). A life that is seen as a game is always dangerous, living in a world where there is no rules just makes it okay to try and do whatever comes into mind.

The young boy being 16 years old has a lot of sexual intercourse, tries many drugs and isn’t afraid to die. He has been intimate with every girl he find attractive and he easily obtains drugs, “when drugs are available all the time, you lose any pleasure in them. They become boring and vulgar” (8). This young teenager gets bored of what he does after a while which makes him want to try other things. After a while, there’s nothing else to do because he has tried it all. This can mean a lot of things, but does this bring him happiness? I don’t think so.


Trying to break his life routine, he tells his mother that he wants to try hunting, not animals but people that live outside Utopia. They are considered the “others” and aren’t seen as regular people.  Despite his mother disapproval, he wants to try it anyways, stating, “the problem is all of it. I have everything” (18). He admits that he has everything he wants, and there’s nothing that gets him all excited anymore. He wants to try the only thing he hasn’t done. We clearly see the level of freedom this guy has and how far he is willing to go to feel excitement. Do you really think that would happen in the real word? I find that hard to imagine.

I think Towfik makes a great job in portraying how having a lot of freedom can cause a lot of damage and creates a lack of judgement.


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