Let’s Stop Pretending…

While Baho!, written by Roland Rugero, mirrors how women are portrayed, Signs Preceding The End of The World, authored by Yuri Herrera, expresses a female character that should be modeled as the ideal symbol for women within our society. Though Makina, the protagonist of Herrera’s novel, is indeed a strong-willed and bold young woman, her character does not often times exist within this culture. More so, women are raised to act and be the most beautiful version of themselves as possible, praised when they put on makeup or go on a diet and lose weight. Both young girls and boys are taught to act a certain way from the moment they are born. From Disney movies to magazines–it is understandable as to why the stereotypes of men and women continue to remain in place.


Within Baho!, these viewpoints of women are clear throughout. Women are balked at, and, occurences of women being raped appear again and again. In Signs Preceding The End of The World, Makina is continuously faced with sexist comments and inappropriate actions. The only difference, however, is that in many of them, Makina stands up for herself as not only a woman but a person as well.

Though different, these two authors represented women in very impactful ways. The expectations for women today are unobtainable, making it very confusing and even dangerous for younger generations, as they are trying to look like all of their “role models” Today, the topic of being brave and speaking up against sexist actions or words is huge, and hopefully, from reading novels and other work’s such as these, young girls will focus less on the way Disney portrays women and more on characters such as Makina.

The “Ideal Woman” does not exist, let’s stop pretending

and accept ourselves and others for who we/they are.



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