What’s that noise?


Have you ever read a book, piece of poetry, or article that you just didn’t understand? Or maybe you were reading something and kind of blocked out paragraphs or areas that were written in a language that you just don’t understand. In Uroyoàn Noel’s book, Buzzing Hemisphere, I tend to do this more often than not.

Buzzing Hemisphere has English and Spanish written side by side, or sharing a page, sometimes translating to the same meaning, sometimes not. While I’m reading, I usually skip over the parts that I don’t understand, simply because it’s just noise” or static. I do this for no other reason than I am horrible at translating Spanish to English. Yes, I understand it and I can read it, but I’m extremely slow and time consuming. The hardest poem for me to read from Noel’s book was: Materia Gris | Gray Matter starting on page 29.

So how can you become a more efficient reader in a language different than your native language? This website gives 7 tips as to how to read in another language. Their tips and tricks seem helpful, but it really just takes time, patience, and practice.


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