Silence As Sound

Silence is defined an absence of sound. But is it?

If we think about silence in poetry, it serves as form of structure. Poems typically have stanzas and verses so readers know when to move to the next line. That momentary pause, that transition when the reader is either moving to the next line or next stanza serves as a sonic quality to the poem. It’s almost adding “space” to the poem itself.

Silence has a spectrum not unlike sound does. There is are certain kinds of silence that encounter in everyday life. When you go to sleep, you house has a certain silence. The morning street scene, lightly draped with fog has a certain silence. The silence of a car, after you had an argument with someone, and you had the misfortune of being the driver or even worse, the passenger.

Several of the poems in, Buzzing Hemispheres, a collection by Urayoán Noel, feature silence as sound

(46) these syllables

these sounds

these silences

(53) You're left with you silence
(69)a profusion of furniture 

a silence of pianos 


Silence in the context of Buzzing Hemisphere, takes on many form. The passage on 56 utilizes silence in our patterns of speech. The passage on 69 refers to the softness of pianos and for many people is extremely comforting.

So the absence of sound, is a sound itself.




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