the drc

Developing the ideology of the African culture into the Western colonization it resemble the effects of human deterioration. In context, emptiness is identified in today’s society with the values of different ethnicities being separated of humanity. The Corruption that has been idealized by the government system to develop the powerless City-State to question the the value of density.


In the novel, Tram 83 written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila, we analyze the social value of morality that pursues the imagery of ownership in the colonization. Tram 83 conducts the diction of the racialized system of identification creating the City- State to consider the struggle of humanity a norm. However, “Foreplay is like a democracy, as far as i’m concerned”(Mujila 147). Mujial connects the phrases like an economic structure resulting in a cycle that does not stay consistent. The novel illustrates the power of the general valuing the humanity of those in charge, but those in need became devalued without the hesitation. In addition, the population of the City- State empowered themselves to a struggle consider to be the “JUNGLE”.

Considering the City- State have the implications of mining,  it illustrates the  demographic of the population that have considered it a norm. In the novel it states, “born in minies and the trains, you shall spend your whole existence swearing about the quarries”, (Mujila, 181). They have established the imagery that general has given the power to conduct the madness in mining in a routine.  The humanity of the City- State is the puppet of the those in power because the imagery it develops a demanding form. For example, it the relation of the government system “you shall” getting the demeanor of a moral element. In addition, the concept of incorporating biblical verse in the novel, considering that the good is bad and the bad is good.

Even though the corruption of the government system has developed the norm of a proceeding end towards humanity, it is important to understand the element of density. The meaning of destiny, the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. The aspect of humanity in Tram 83 can be questioned, but in reality the dehumanization is represented in our society.   



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