Rugero’s Art


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When I think of art, I think of music, paintings, sketches, food… The list is endless.

To me, anything can be art and art can take many different forms. Art is not something that is restrictive or rule-abiding. It can break “rules” and “traditions” and still be something as beautiful as a traditional piece of art.

The novel Baho! by author Roland Rugero creates a beautiful meaning of the word art, in which Rugero takes a certain scene by linking moments together and goes in detail in that scene to make the reader feel like they are right there with the characters in the novel.

Rugero makes art by making a meaning of time- creating a scene from everyday moments in the protagonist Nyamuragi’s life.

Rugero shows his written form of art when he writes;

“To his unsteady eyes, the sky is red. The clean sky morning has transformed into a bloody glow, pushing through the cracks of his swollen eyelids with spite and fury. His mouth is no more than a ball of muddy fesh mixed with drool and sweat. The torture of this victim (or perhaps we should say this cursed soul) has gone on for too long. Thirty minutes. Thirty minutes: a succession of blows—mostly accurate and excruciatingly painful—unfortunately aimed kicks, and carefully chosen curses. All accompanied by gobs of spit in varying sizes, depending on the saliva stock possessed by each contributor.” (51)

This creates a great scene for the reader in the form of a clear picture. I can clearly see that the sky was once clear but because Nyamuragi has been beaten due to people’s accusations of rape, the sky that he sees now is red from the blood in his eyes. I can see the time that Rugero is explaining, “Thirty minutes” of being beaten and abused physically and verbally.

Not only can I see the pain Nyamuragi is experiencing in this scene from the novel, but I can feel it. This makes Rugero’s written art even stronger. It invokes emotion through its descriptive tone in the writing and makes me feel pain and anger and sadness all at once.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, that is art. Being able to paint a picture in the reader’s mind just from words and invoke emotion from that one scene. That’s not just art- that’s talent. A talent that Rugero shows off very nicely.

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