Breaking Borders and Barriers

Signs Preceding the End of the World is a novel about a young women named Makina. She breaks barriers of the normal story with a male main character. She is a badass strong women, which is contrary to most novels that we have all read in our lives. America is a country where people have a lot of money and poverty is a real thing that is happening here. However, people who think they have it bad in America may never know how bad it is in other countries.

Makina comes from an run down town where poverty is prevalent. Male dominance is very strong and an obvious characteristic of her town. Male dominance is prevalent in American society as well. I feel like with a strong female main character this can show people that women are more than just an object.


In the novel, Makina is faced with a decision when she is confronted by a man that touches her. Makina being the strong female character that she is basically breaks his finger and tells him to never talk to her ever again. In society today, some men feel as though they are dominant to females. Male dominance has been around forever, in stories, movies, television, and really anything.

Makina being a main character and almost like the “hero” of the novel, rather than a man, really shows a lot. Thats why I think that Makina is not only crossing borders but, breaking them as well.


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