The Gate between two lives

BOOM! Year 2023 KA-BOOM the gate has fallen…..

Utopia was published in Arabic in 2008 by Ahmed Khalid Towfik, which then was translated in English by Chip Rossetti. The book is dystopic science fiction set in Egypt, where the authors takes us into the future as well as the present life he lives today.

In Utopia, the young man leaves and wanders out of Utopia’s gates to the “Other” side with a lover were they disguise themselves as servants in search of two poor people where they can cut their limbs and bring it back to Utopia as a trophy. The two are all too soon discovered, given away from their soft hands and clean fingernails, which leads a young “other” who saves them from an angry, drug-mad crowd and hides them in his home. The Other is named Gaber, he allows them to have the opportunity to have help return to their lives with a few exceptions

The author shows us what life can be as a rich Egyptian if they lived on the inside of the gate (north coast) and on the outside of the gate what it’s like to live as an Egyptian today.

He writes to shed light on the real situation plausible for the future, which shows social dynamics of opposition; as economic dynamics, neoliberalism 1970’s and has historically references; which allows us to connect our lives now to our lives in a few years.



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