Makina: The Female Character We’ve Been Waiting For

When all seems divided, Makina shows off her strength and bravery as a young woman as she tries to save her brother across the border. In the novel, Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera, Makina, the main character, has to save her brother who is on the other side of the border. Throughout the story we see how independent Makina presents herself.

It’s nice to see female characters like Makina in novels because it shows that women can be headstrong. In the story, Makina is described as being very sexual. In describing the lead, female character in this way, the reader can see that women do not need a man to protect them. Especially, Makina. There is a scene in the novel which says, “every weekend they’d shuck” (Herrera 28) describing Makina’s relationship with a guy.

The main character doesn’t follow the typical standards women are stereotyped as, which makes Makina the female role we’ve been waiting for. She challenges gender roles and the traditional view of Hispanic women. Her forceful character goes after what she wants to help save her family.



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