Time: It’s a pain.

In Rugelo’s book many of the people are affected by time.

The past being the backdrop on which the future is painted unto.  If we think about

our main character is at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is put on trial for it.

Though it is important to say that while time is cruel and sometimes random.

Especially in this book. People are looking for a way to change their present temporal

course. If you think of time as some that doesn’t dissipate it’s an ever present entity.

The present will become the past. The Future will become the present. But for the people

in this book. Time is stagnant. It will remain the same regardless of the time passed.

In his book Rugelo writes, “Youth running all over, Old age running to it’s end. The fat

muscle, the bare bone. Living and Dying.” (13) and he asks us to consider this.

Humans are supposedly created from the earth the clay. But when we die we return to

that earth in the form of a funeral. We may play when where young, and wait to get old.

But it remains the same. That rush to the grave is depressing, but its truthful in a sense

of order.

What does this mean in the grand plot? We should consider that in this world

life is a constant struggle in this country. For some Time is  long strand, and for others

it can be cut short rather easy. In the end all they can hope for is the chance to live with

what time they have.  In his book Rugelo writes, “Time and man. What does man live

through? perhaps our ancestors asked themselves.” and it goes to the same notion.

Time hasn’t left us its shouting at us. An every present being shouting like Nyrumagi at

his trial. To give a testimony of the truth that is going to happen to the people.





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