There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Change

Change is not something got fear. Change is not something to question. Change

Change is just…change.

It helps you look at something in a different light. It brings out experiences you could never have thought possible. And for some, such as Utopia’s Alaa, the ability of change and trying something is what helps fight against the boredom of paradise.

For Alaa, that change is to venture to the world of poverty stricken land and obtain a physical, human limb as trophy for his venture. For many it’s a disgusting thought to think about even believing in, but to those people who cringe at the words alone, is Alaa really in the wrong for such an idea? After all, it’s not so different from what most people do.

Take for instance, an apple.


Just like Pikachu above, you love apples. They are red, sweet, juicy and oh so yummy. You eat them every day, however, you start to notice that as time goes on the flavor of the apple doesn’t tingle your tastebuds as much. You don’t feel that fun rush of enjoyment when eating it and you even start to feel a sense of putting it down before even finishing it. You’ve eaten apples for so long that you’re starting to get sick of eating them; a thought you never believed would cross your mind.

How do you fix this? Do you stop eating apples? Try to less of them despite loving them so much? Or, do you try something different?

Make a change.


Do something you wouldn’t have tried before with an apple. Pair it with another fruit. Dip it in honey. Eat it along with some tea or bake it to add some flavors that some would never think of putting in their mouths. Yet, you enjoy it and now you can eat your favorite fruit all over again as much as you’d like thanks to this change. It has pushed away the fear of becoming bored and brought back a small rush of pleasure to your life.

Now, adding some special twist to apples and cutting off a persons’s limb as a trophy might not be the same kind of thing, but they hold the same principle, don’t they?

You, or someone else, was threatened with becoming bored with something in your life, so you made a change that might be normal for some, but drastic to others like yourself.

Alaa, on the other hand, lived in a literal utopia. His fancy and peaceful life was becoming plainly clear. So what did he do?

Just as Alaa says himself, “But I found a way” (Tawfik 10).

He found his “honey” or his “spices” to change that.


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