Makina the Chosen One


Hercules Strangling the Nemean Lion by Peter Paul Rubens obtained from located at Harvard University

Zelda’s Theme by System of a Down Retrived from

As seen in the photo, the beautiful song by System of a Down, and the main character of Yuri Herrera’s novel Signs Preceding the End of the World Makina they are each hero’s destined for greatness.  The picture shows that of legendary hero Hercules slaying a what seemed to be immortal lion a task that all thought impossible. While the song from System of Down weaves a tale of a young boy saving a princes in a classic video game.  Both of these stories are well-known and heroic in nature with both beating the odds and becoming chosen heroes. What I will be arguing is that Makina is put on the same plane as these iconic legends. This idea of Makina being a hero is shown by her actions but also the sureness in her victory.

Within the text Makina is seen to be untouchable and almost unhuman in her strength and presence. The text lets us into her mind saying “You are the Door, not the one who goes through it.”(117)  This idea of door and thresh hold reminds me of the old saying if doors don’t open for you build one. Both of these mean similar things, while one is relying on the world to give opportunity the other is making their own destiny. I would go so far to say that the true meaning of this quote is that destiny works for our character meaning that she is predetermined to be unable to fail her quest.  This is equal to that of other great heroes that can overcome impossible tasks because of their heroic status.

Other things show the deterministic quality of the world, in that are hero will succeed. Some of these qualities could be easily missed.  The lack of waiting or perhaps more aptly put the perfectness of timing is almost unbelievable.  Multiple passages of the books mention this idea that the story and stage have been set. In the first meeting with Mr.Q he is described as “As if he had been waiting for me”(151) and even claiming “In the end you will find your brother”(151) both of these quotation have in uncanny feel that the actions of our main character have already been decided. These sort of sure statements put in the future tense are commonly seen in heroic stories. This can even be true in the Zelda’s Theme song By System of a Down saying ” Now the children don’t play but they will when Link saves the day.” ( quote begins on 0:16) It is the future tense and sureness of WHEN link saves the day and WIll FIND your brother that has the striking similarity to each other.

overall it is the utilization of future tense that really give the heroine of are story Makina that heroic inevitability and closeness to her. I believe this further enhances the other points of Yuri Herrera’s work and serves to give the story more power.

What do you guys think? Do you believe that Makina is a chosen hero equal to that of the hero of time (link for you non-nerds out there) and Hercules?




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