Do I Have the Time?


It is a question someone hears every now and again. A conversation starter, a way for people to push themselves into someone else’s world or simply a distraction for another idea trying to take shape and form. It’s simplistic and can have really only a flexible and simplistic answer outright, but in Tram 83 there’s more to these words than just a question being repeated every couple of chapters that some may just not be seeing.

It can be a simple and literal question, however thinking deeper about the words themselves as a reader gives all sorts of ideas in mind considering the topic of the book.

Do I as a viewer from behind what could be a window, have the time to worry about these character situations and plights? Even if it doesn’t concern me at all and isn’t real?

Do I have the time to stop and think about what one character said something pages ago to fully understand why another character is saying something else?

Do I have the time to give Tram 83 a chance to tell it’s story before I deem it uneccesary and forget about it in the back of my mind?

Do I have the time to continue reading this story that perceives its own vision of blackness in Africa through jazz, boozing and uncontrolled activities when I myself don’t agree with it?

I am sure I do in fact have that kind of time. After all I am reading a story, rather than seeing this happen right in front of me and in the moment. However, the question isn’t whether or not I have the time?

But will I, or anyone else, give their time away to something they don’t know about.



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