Dualities of Life

Life is complicated.

Everyone knows that already. From all the different events that can take place for a single person on a day-to-day basis, to all the new and familiar people we interact with daily, there are so many aspects of life that makes it so complex.

The nature of it is complicated, but does our perspective on life need to be complicated as well? Should we go about our lives expecting it to be a perpetual cycle of new encounters and uncertainty? Or are we able to simplify it down into core concepts that can define life well enough to give us some form of predictability and comfort.


To be more clear, I am specifically referring to binary oppositions. These are pairs of related things that are different in meaning. Roland Rugero in the novel, Baho!, gives us some examples like “Coming and going. Before and after. Crying and laughing. Fatigue and rest” (22). He does refer to binaries as a different name though: “dualities.”

In the book, the main character, Nyaamuragi, who has had a rough life both in the past and his present time, states that through his experiences, he has learned that life was made out of dualities. He goes on to say that everything is comparable to some version of this duality and without it, there will be unbalance and uncertainty.

I personally disagree with him though.

I believe that if you look at anything in life as black and white, life is going to throw at you the grayest possible version of that something as possible. You cannot box all the different aspects of living into a collection of dualities. It would be too simplified. I feel like people who do look at things through binaries tend to be stubborn given that will see things as only having one correct path and one wrong path.  Which then makes them immensely less prepared for the real world compared to someone who are able to accept life the way that it is, a an unpredictable mess of surprises.

You can even take it a step further and try subverting these dualities. Or in other words, try going outside the boundaries that these binaries set up for us. I believe that in doing this, you are truly able to see life in its entirety and perhaps  enjoy or appreciate life even more than before.




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