Closed Mouths Don’t Feed the Hungry

414BS3QSsBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_After all the books that we have been reading this book the most to me seems like its better and make me want to read more about it. The book Baho! by Roland Rugero from what I have gotten a brief understanding of the book was that an old blind man got accused or raping a young woman when he was specifically just trying to get direction.


When reading this in my belief I feel like people can be accused of doing anything mainly guys and without giving their part of what happens they are accused of what the victim says. Which is some cases being true, however, if there are no witnesses then they don’t have a saying. Nevertheless, what some people say now a day can seem like its real or they are saying the truth, but if they don’t have evidence then what they say is not true. Our society is full of a bunch of lies and most of what people say seems like they can be true but the human being is great at being over dramatic and telling stories. For instance, Donald Trump in my belief would be a great example. Saying to the people that he will America great again when what that meant to him was the fact that he will make it the way he wants to do. The most president says what the people want to hear to make it look or sound real, but half of the time it isn’t just because they want to be in that level that they look over those that aren’t greater than them to feel overpowered. Power in our society is key, if you don’t have power then you are everyone and most of the times don’t have a saying in anything. This also applies to work, when working with people that like feeling they are better than everyone else you have to control the situation and get through it until you have a saying.

abused woman




Unknown-1Repetition means reaping something that has already been said or written. Which portrays frequently in the book Tram 83 written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila. The book is mainly about two main characters Requiem, who is a thief, blackmailer, kidnapper, scammer, etc., and Lucien who the author protrudes him as a writer, and unattractive man that most females wouldn’t go for. These main characters have two different personality’s that are questionable which make the book very intriguing. In my preference, it wouldn’t be a first chose of reading. However, the book makes the readers understand a similar perspective on African culture. In Tram 83 the author kept saying the words, “Do you have the time”. Now looking from a reader perspective, I felt like this was very strange and could mean many types of things. For instance, in my opinion, it could mean that someone is trying to hit on you, trying to ask for the time, or just mainly trying to start a conversation with you. The book later takes place in a train station as Requiem meets a childhood friend Lucien. This train station is the most common place where most of the excitement happens. The train is called Tram 83, it’s mainly where everyone goes to drink and just relax.


After reading the entire book looking back at the phrase “Do you have the time?”, I feel like the phrase was only trying to start a conversation which wasn’t too harmful. The author just did it to make people think other things were going on or that would happen. The book to me means that no one should take judge anyone by the way they look and try to get to know the person. Which is what our society is always capable of doing. Nevertheless, even if most people judge someone at the end of the day they will always be wrong.

We all have a voice


When looking at America and its evolution in my eyes, you can see a recap of the past coming back to the future. What I mean by this is that from all our history books and the movies that we have watched relating to the past I can see how much of a similarity is about to accrue before it even happening. For instance, because of the new president we have Mr. Trump, I feel as if he is trying to make the White Americans superior again by building a border trying to separate Mexico from the United States. Now, this thought has been brought up in numerous circumstances, however, has never been accomplished because we feel like it is unnecessary and is only causing conflict which is why it hasn’t been built. However, since Trump is now president he feels the need to make it come to and make “America happy again”.  Trump feels the need to have children that weren’t born in the U.S sent back to where they originated from.

In class we are reading a book called Signs Preceding the End of the World, this book is about a young girl name Maknia who is sent on a journey from her mother to send an envelope to her brother across the country. I feel like this book is the perfect time to read because of the situation that our society is under today. Not only the fact that other states are trying to destroy us, but how Trump wants to create borders to separate families. Makina stands for the immigrants that went through a lot in life to get where they need to be as of today. Even though she went on a mission to just deliver something to her brother she made sure that she did everything in her power to accomplish her goal to get to her brother. She encounters thugs with weapons, and so much more however even though at one part of the book she was terrified she didn’t let her fear get in the way of concurring what she was wanting to accomplish. I feel as if this is a great way to make others of our society, understand that they aren’t alone and how much they shouldn’t give up regardless of a number of doubts they might encounter. If they believe in what they put their minds so they can accomplish anything which is what I feel like this book has guided me to relies even more on life.

That there is more to life then what you find out to be an even though people might push you down it’s up to you to keep moving forward and get to where you want to be.

Rich “Utopia” V.S Poor “World”

images-2In the book Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik, I first analyzed the first page of what the narrator said I had to read it multiple time to make sure that I was reading the right book. The narrator stated, ” I saw him standing, worn out by exhaustion. With the loss of blood and hanger wearing him down,” (Towfik 3). This made me think how the rest of the book was going to turn out, which helped me set the mood or the tone of the book. When I found read this I felt like the narrator was going through issues that had happen in his past experiences. As of just realizing this I felt as if the entire book was going to be dark or mysterious. However, while reading I have learned that having everything that you want, still doesn’t make an individual happy. When taking the advice that money doesn’t make you happy is true, but you can only find that out if you are in the other persons shoe. While reading this book I have heard ridiculous experiences going on from a guy’s point of view. In my opinion, I feel as if this book is grouse and crucial how men thinks about women or at least some men. In this book from the extent to what I have been reading I found out that this guy takes advantage of girls. To what I have read from the beginning to page 79, even though the book is about men that have everything they want like the girls, money, the friends, and the drugs they are still not satisfied. They still want more just like any human being would want, so they joke around and feel pleasure when they talk about death. Which in my perspective, is very scary to think about because if everyone thinks that way then what has our society come to? Has our society come to where the only thing that satisfies us is death? Even though people are going to die soon even if they have everything in the world our society can never be pleased. Which is what this book makes me release even more.