Closed Mouths Don’t Feed the Hungry

414BS3QSsBL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_After all the books that we have been reading this book the most to me seems like its better and make me want to read more about it. The book Baho! by Roland Rugero from what I have gotten a brief understanding of the book was that an old blind man got accused or raping a young woman when he was specifically just trying to get direction.


When reading this in my belief I feel like people can be accused of doing anything mainly guys and without giving their part of what happens they are accused of what the victim says. Which is some cases being true, however, if there are no witnesses then they don’t have a saying. Nevertheless, what some people say now a day can seem like its real or they are saying the truth, but if they don’t have evidence then what they say is not true. Our society is full of a bunch of lies and most of what people say seems like they can be true but the human being is great at being over dramatic and telling stories. For instance, Donald Trump in my belief would be a great example. Saying to the people that he will America great again when what that meant to him was the fact that he will make it the way he wants to do. The most president says what the people want to hear to make it look or sound real, but half of the time it isn’t just because they want to be in that level that they look over those that aren’t greater than them to feel overpowered. Power in our society is key, if you don’t have power then you are everyone and most of the times don’t have a saying in anything. This also applies to work, when working with people that like feeling they are better than everyone else you have to control the situation and get through it until you have a saying.

abused woman


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