Unknown-1Repetition means reaping something that has already been said or written. Which portrays frequently in the book Tram 83 written by Fiston Mwanza Mujila. The book is mainly about two main characters Requiem, who is a thief, blackmailer, kidnapper, scammer, etc., and Lucien who the author protrudes him as a writer, and unattractive man that most females wouldn’t go for. These main characters have two different personality’s that are questionable which make the book very intriguing. In my preference, it wouldn’t be a first chose of reading. However, the book makes the readers understand a similar perspective on African culture. In Tram 83 the author kept saying the words, “Do you have the time”. Now looking from a reader perspective, I felt like this was very strange and could mean many types of things. For instance, in my opinion, it could mean that someone is trying to hit on you, trying to ask for the time, or just mainly trying to start a conversation with you. The book later takes place in a train station as Requiem meets a childhood friend Lucien. This train station is the most common place where most of the excitement happens. The train is called Tram 83, it’s mainly where everyone goes to drink and just relax.


After reading the entire book looking back at the phrase “Do you have the time?”, I feel like the phrase was only trying to start a conversation which wasn’t too harmful. The author just did it to make people think other things were going on or that would happen. The book to me means that no one should take judge anyone by the way they look and try to get to know the person. Which is what our society is always capable of doing. Nevertheless, even if most people judge someone at the end of the day they will always be wrong.


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