Rich “Utopia” V.S Poor “World”

images-2In the book Utopia by Ahmed Khaled Towfik, I first analyzed the first page of what the narrator said I had to read it multiple time to make sure that I was reading the right book. The narrator stated, ” I saw him standing, worn out by exhaustion. With the loss of blood and hanger wearing him down,” (Towfik 3). This made me think how the rest of the book was going to turn out, which helped me set the mood or the tone of the book. When I found read this I felt like the narrator was going through issues that had happen in his past experiences. As of just realizing this I felt as if the entire book was going to be dark or mysterious. However, while reading I have learned that having everything that you want, still doesn’t make an individual happy. When taking the advice that money doesn’t make you happy is true, but you can only find that out if you are in the other persons shoe. While reading this book I have heard ridiculous experiences going on from a guy’s point of view. In my opinion, I feel as if this book is grouse and crucial how men thinks about women or at least some men. In this book from the extent to what I have been reading I found out that this guy takes advantage of girls. To what I have read from the beginning to page 79, even though the book is about men that have everything they want like the girls, money, the friends, and the drugs they are still not satisfied. They still want more just like any human being would want, so they joke around and feel pleasure when they talk about death. Which in my perspective, is very scary to think about because if everyone thinks that way then what has our society come to? Has our society come to where the only thing that satisfies us is death? Even though people are going to die soon even if they have everything in the world our society can never be pleased. Which is what this book makes me release even more.


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