Love and Intimacy is not real?

What is love and intimacy? A loss of love or a gaining of love in which the person feels something for a family member or even a lover. What is the cycle that has ended or brought about into the new world in “Utopia?” The author Ahmed Khaled demonstrated the loss of this feeling with the people living in Utopia this wonderful place, in which all the people have no fear of death or suffering and the nameless narrator is not any different. He throws away the intimacy he had with his parents and even with his lovers. It is also seen that they had no love for one another seeing that sexual relations is seen as a constant thing in order to get rid of their boredom. The sad thing is that they see the others as they call them as dirty animals. Describing them with animalistic features and actions. As well as dirty people who are the ones who are truly suffering.

A young man on the other side named Gaber has more of a sense of love and intimacy than the people in Utopia as he says he is looking “For something beyond sex.” He describes the way he wishes to sleep next to a person he loves and caresses her cheek as he looks at her beautiful face. The narrator has said that “the people in utopia have stopped using the words mama and papa.” The narrator does not see the love despite having everything he wants and he is overly dramatic about his boredom and he looks down on his mother and father. Gaber only has a younger sister Safiya and he will do anything to take care of her and he says that he would stay alive so she does not need to suffer, once again he is showing that love that the narrator does not understand.

So does love and intimacy really not matter? Maybe it can or will it take some suffering for humanity to understand what it really means.



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